Update on SCAL files

SCAL files are now available for download. They are listed on the side under SCAL files (down under labels).

If you use the cut files please give credit where credit is due and post a link here so others can get it too. I only ask that you use the cut files for personal use and please do not profit off my hard work. Thankyou.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More SCAL projects

Here are my most recent projects using scal. YOu can download the files to the right of the post. Enjoy.


Heather Bares said...

you are doing great with these files!!!! I just use it to cut fonts, lol.

gardengirl3 said...

great files! I would love the kitty file if I could. Thanks for your kindness!

SuzanneS said...

I had been looking for a penguin. My twin 3 year old nieces love them since Happy Feet came out. Now I can make them a card with "Happy Feet" on it. Thanks