Update on SCAL files

SCAL files are now available for download. They are listed on the side under SCAL files (down under labels).

If you use the cut files please give credit where credit is due and post a link here so others can get it too. I only ask that you use the cut files for personal use and please do not profit off my hard work. Thankyou.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Creating Your own Rub-ons- Tutorial

First- Type out the saying or copy image on your computer (I used Microsoft Word)

Next- go to file and print.

Next- click on properties.

Then- click on basics.

Then- click on mirror image. Push okay.

Finally- print your rubon onto acetate paper or a transparency sheet.

Let Dry completely. I let them set over night before touching them. Using a popscicle stick, rub the image onto your paper/ cardstock.

Also, You can wash the acetate sheets off and reuse!


Marjorie said...

Thanks for this information! I knew there was a way, but just did not know how, so this is most helpful!

Heidi said...

Edee...I just found your blog and love your creativity. This tip is wonderful!!!! I'm gonna half to try that! Now...I've got to find some acetate paper...


Your files are adorable! Good work and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and this post and think it's wonderfull! I have access to 3 different printers but none of the 3 have the option of printing in mirror image ;( so it must be your printer. What printer do you have?