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SCAL files are now available for download. They are listed on the side under SCAL files (down under labels).

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

These are coasters made from tumbler tiles from your local home improvement store. These are 4x4 in size. I used regular ink to stamp images. Sealed with acrylic sealer. Some people prefer to use craft or pigment ink. The colors on these did fade after a while with the regular ink. I think the pigment ink would stay more colorful for longer. On the back side I attached think corkboard to make them skid proof. I used the red double stick tape to adhere the cork to make sure it stayed on there.
Americana coasters- The angel company stamps, Stampin Up ink pads
Butterfly coasters- Stampin up inks and stamp set

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Lynnette said...

These R so cute. I think even I could do these. Hope you don't mind if I coaster-lift 'em. I promise to make them my own.